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31. Mai 2021

WSBK Estoril: Andrea Locatelli and Manuel Gonzalez very close to the podium

2021 WSBK Estoril Locatelli

Andrea Locatelli continues his apprenticeship in the top class of WSBK as well as that of Manuel Gonzalez in the middle class.

Both for Andrea and for Manuel, Estoril was another apprentice Grand Prix, although for different reasons. For the rider from Bergamo this is the first season in WSBK where he came as defending champion of the WSSP while for the rider from Madrid, the transition from Kawasaki to Yamaha, always talking about 600cc motorcycle, must be assimilated at best for to be able to aim for victory.

The good news, however, happening in Portugal when both riders, on Sunday, came so close to the podium with Locatelli finished in the fifth place and Gonzalez closed just 137 thousandths from the third step of the podium!

Andrea Locatelli: “I am very happy with this weekend, because in the end we have a really good result. Yesterday the first race was not easy, I made some mistakes during the first laps, I lost positions and the opportunity to have a better result – but, today we made a big improvement and with this I’m really happy. I now take some confidence with the bike and it’s just the second weekend. We are closer to the front, we are faster and we just need to try and learn a little bit more and also to try to take even more confidence with the set-up of my R1. We did a really good job overall, working really well with the team and I am very happy for this. We took P5 in Race 2 and this is a big result for me in just the second weekend!”

The two World Champions Airohriders (“Loca” in 2020 while “Manugass” in 2019) progress in every race and their minds are already turned to Misano Adriatico when, the weekend the 13th of June, will take place the GP of San Marino, the third round of this ever more fascinating WSBK World Championship.

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