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5. Juli 2021

Three wins for Airohriders at the Charade TrialGP in France

2021 Trialgp 02Francia

Jack Peace was victorious in the Trial2 category as well as Emma Bristow was victorious in the TrialGP Women’s category and Andrea Sofia Rabino won the Trial2 Women’s category.

All the riders gained the lead in the provisional classification in their categories.

Jack Peace:"It was a difficult race due to the condition of the ground and the changing weather conditions. I struggled with Toby and the victory was not decided until the last section. I am very happy with the result, and I thank the Sherco team for their support ".

Emma Bristow: "This year I have made an effort to train in every area because I have some top-level competition and I cannot afford to make any mistakes because afterwards it is very difficult to catch up with them. I am very happy with this victory, and it gives me the peace of mind that I need to face the last race this September in Spain. I want to thank the Sherco team for all the support they have given me this year."

Trial World Championship 2021, Round 2 – Charade (France)

Adam Raga (TRS) P3

Jeroni Fajardo (Sherco) P7

Dan Peace (Sherco) P10

TrialGP Women
Emma Bristow (Sherco) P1

Jack Peace (Sherco) P1

Billy Green (Scorpa) P3

Aniol Gelabert Roura (Beta) P4

Sergio Ribau (Scorpa) P10

Arnau Farré (Scorpa) P13

Alex Canales (Sherco) P15

Trial2 Women
Andrea Sofia Rabino (Beta) P1

credits: Sherco Racing and Scorpa Racing

follow: Airoh Helmet Racing