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16. August 2021

Strong showing for Marvin Musquin at Unadilla National

2021 National08 Unadilla Musquin

AMA Motocross National - Unadilla - Round 8


Marvin Musquin had another podium day going 4th in moto1 and 4th in moto2 for 3rd overall in the 450 Main.

Musquin: “It was a good weekend and I felt good right away, I love Unadilla! In the first moto, I came back to fifth and started fighting with Tomac. I was looking forward to passing him but I landed in a hole on the finish line jump and thought I broke something in the shock or the wheel, so I slowed down big time to make sure everything was fine and I lost connection with him. In the second moto, I put myself in a good position but I was never capable of putting an attack on Dylan for third. Trying to pass the lappers was pretty tough with all the ruts and I couldn’t do much more, so 4-4 on the podium in third place is a good positive.”


In the 250 class RJ Hampshire also finished the day the day strong with a 4th in moto1 and 3rd in moto2 for 4th overall.

Jalek Swoll went 8th in moto1 and 9th in moto2 for 7th overall for the day.

Stilez Robertson was strangling with illness going 17th in moto1 after recovering from an early race crash and not starting moto2 good for 19th overall.

“For the most part, the day was pretty solid,” Hampshire said. “I felt like we had more potential to be on the box but on a track like that, it was tough to keep it together and get the results. All-in-all, I can’t complain, it’s a solid weekend. I’m going to take the week to recover and Budds Creek is a good one for me, so I’m excited to go there.”

AMA Pro Motocross 2021, Round 8 – Unadilla, NY

450MX Class
3. Marvin Musquin (KTM)

250MX Class
4. RJ Hampshire (Husqvarna)

7. Jalek Swoll (Husqvarna)

19. Stilez Robertson (Husqvarna)

credits: press.ktm.com and husqvarna-motorcycle.com

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