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26. April 2021

Seven wonderful victories for Airohriders at the third race of Italian Enduro Championship

2021 Assoluti03 Piediluco Verona

A winning race for AIROH riders in Piediluco (TR), Umbria, the stage of the third race of Italian Enduro Championship 2021, the fourth and fifth round of the nine planned in the agenda of this national season.

Given Steve Holcombe’s absence, the World EnduroGP Champion 2020, for physical problems, AIROH comes back to overall victory with Beta-Factory rider, Brad Freeman, very good at getting the first position on Saturday by winning 8 of 12 special stages disputed and ending the remaining ones in the top five. On Sunday, after ruling again the classification of the first nine stages, Freeman made some little mistakes that made him lose his leadership in the last three stages, thus ending in the third position for few seconds.

In the overall classification, Thomas Oldrati was once more surprising, on Saturday second behind Freeman and Sunday ninth because of a frightening fall when he was in the top five. Excellent race for the young Andrea Verona: he’s improving on his new bike and ended third absolute on Saturday and fourth absolute on Sunday.
Remarkable positions for AIROH riders of Sherco-CH Racing Team, guided by Fabrizio Azzalin. The Belgian Antoine Magain obtained the fourth and fifth position, Daniel Mccanney two six positions, Hamish Macdonald seventh and sixteenth position.

Top ten for Honda Racing RedMoto Wolrd Enduro Team: after Oldrati, Theo Espinasse ended the ninth on Saturday.
About the classes, Gianluca Martini won the two days of 300 2T. In 250 4T class, one win and one second position for Verona with Samuele Bernardini fourth and third. 450 4T class is ruled by Oldrati who is 8 points far from the top of national standing, despite he couldn’t take part in for an injury in the first race of Passirano (BS).

In Junior class, deserved podium for the young Manolo Morettini, third on Saturday and first on Sunday, after the long winter convalescence because of a left knee injury.

The next competitive appointment for AIROH riders with the Italian Enduro Championship is planned on May 16th in Fabriano (AN), for the fourth seasonal round, valid as the sixth race day.

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