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11. Dezember 2019

Serious injury for Marvin Musquin


Marvin Musquin suffered a serious knee injury at the beginning of this week during tests at the KTM test track. Musquin returned to France and underwent surgery on his left knee and immediately began rehabilitation therapy.

And because of that injury the transalpine will be forced to skip the entire Supercross 2020 season. Presumably we will see our Airohrider on the track for the start of the American outdoor championship.

Marvin Musquin: “Not the kind of news I’m excited to share with you guys... I was really happy to be back on the bike riding after being injured at the end of the Motocross season and starting to train for Supercross. Unfortunately, I had an incident at the KTM test track and ultimately over-jumped a jump that had a very big impact on my legs when I landed, injuring my left knee.”