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7. Juni 2021

RJ Hampshire shines bright at Thunder Valley with a first-moto podium in 250MX class

2021 National02 Thundervalley Hampshire

AMA Motocross National - Thunder Valley - Round 2


Marvin Musquin finished 9th in moto1 and moto2 for 9th overall.

Jason Anderson did not race due to a broken hand following a practice crash that took place in his home state of New Mexico. Anderson is expected to miss six to eight weeks of the 2021 AMA Pro Motocross Championship.

Musquin: “It was difficult for me to have the pace of the leaders and I just couldn’t do anything more than 9-9 today. I’m not happy with this result but I feel like I couldn’t do much more. We will try to push more during the week leading up to High Point – we have a weekend off, so we’ll try to see what we can do better.”


In the 250 Class Jalek Swoll went 10th in moto1 and 5th in moto2 good for 7th overall.

RJ Hampshire claimed 3rd place in moto1 and 19th in moto2 for 10th overall.

Stilez Robertson finished 38th in moto1 and 35th in moto2 for 38th overall.

“I felt great on the bike again today. I was comfortable and I knew we had a pretty good bike going into the motos,” Hampshire said. “I got a good start in Moto 1 and probably did one of the best motos I’ve ever done in my pro career. In Moto 2, we got a good start and made a simple little mistake that cost me big time. It’s a bummer because it definitely doesn’t show how good we were riding and how good of a spot we’re at physically right now. I tried to dig deep there just to get some points because there was a big shake-up in the championship this weekend, so I’m trying to keep myself in this. We’re headed back east and I think we’re going to continue to get better from here.”

AMA Pro Motocross 2021, Round 2 – Thunder Valley, CO

450MX Class
9. Marvin Musquin (KTM)

250MX Class
7. Jalek Swoll (Husqvarna)

10. RJ Hampshire (Husqvarna)

38. Stilez Robertson (Husqvarna)

credits: press.ktm.com and husqvarna-motorcycle.com

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