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17. August 2020

Great job for Airohriders at 2020 Pro Motocross season opener

2020 National01 Loretta Anderson

Round 1 of the AMA Motocross Season kicked off at Loretta Lynn’s and Jason Anderson wasted no time winning moto1 followed up by a 6th in moto2 good enough for 2nd overall. Marvin Musquin made his return after rehabbing from knee surgery with a strong showing going 4th in moto1 and 5th in moto2 for 4th in the overall.

“I feel like my pace was good in the second moto but my arms pumped up and I was headed back with four to go,” Anderson said. “All-in-all, I’m out here and I’m on the podium so I can’t be too bummed. I’m excited to get out here next weekend and try to redeem myself”.

Musquin: “It’s great to be back after almost a year since my last race at the Indiana National. I put in some good work and it gave me time to get ready, so I’m okay where I’m at. To be out there and to be competitive, that’s exactly what I wanted. When you’re not racing for a year like that actually, to be honest, I didn’t know where I was going to be but overall, I’m happy. I wish I would have hung on to get on the podium, but it’s my first race back and fourth overall, I’ll take it”.

In the 250 class RJ Hampsire had a strong start with a 3rd in moto1 and 2nd in moto2 for 2nd in the overall. Rookie Stilez Robertson made his pro debut going (39)(17) for 22nd in the overall. Jalek Swoll went down in a first turn crash finishing 21st in moto1 but was unable to make it to the gate for moto2 due to a concussion.

“I wish we could have gotten a win but that felt good,” Hampshire said. “I tried to hang on but Dylan was riding really good and I just had to settle in otherwise I would have been on my head. I’m happy to be up here, thankful to be here and ready to go for next weekend!”

Round 2 will be held at Loretta Lynn’s as well next Saturday.

AMA Pro Motocross 2020, Round 01 – Loretta Lynn’s, TN

450MX Class
2. Jason Anderson (Husqvarna)

4. Marvin Musquin (KTM)

250MX Class

2. Rj Hampshire (Husqvarna)

22. Stilez Robertson (Husqvarna)

36. Jalek Swoll (Husqvarna)

credits: husqvarna-motorcycle.com & press.ktm.com

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