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27. September 2021

Grand final season of Italian Enduro Championship for Airoh

2021 R06 Assoluti Freeman

Splendid double overall victory of AIROH with Brad Freeman on the seventh last race of Italian Enduro Championship, disputed on Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th September in Maniago (PN).

Freeman ruled the two race days with his compatriot of Beta-Factory Team, Steve Holcombe, once second and once sixth. Amazing race in the overall parade for Thomas Oldrati too, sixth and second, as Andrea Verona hit twice the third step of the podium. Top ten with two seventh positions for the young Belgian Antoine Magain; thirteenth and ninth place for the French Theo Espinasse, back to races after withdrawal due to an injury on the Six Days Race in Italy, Rivanazzano (PV).

In this race that assigned the national titles 2021, AIROH hit the second overall position with Freeman, the fourth with Verona, the fifth with Magain, the sixth with Oldrati, the eighth with Holcombe and the tenth with Espinasse.

In the single classes, national titles with Gianluca Martini in 300 2T, as in 250 4T class Verona and Samuele Bernardini ended the championship respectively on second and third position. in Junior class, the third step of the podium for Manolo Morettini, as in Youth class Gabriele Pasinetti ended fourth, a whisker away from the podium.

About race results, valid as the eighth and ninth round of Overall Championship 2021, in 250 4T class, Verona hit two first positions and missed the title for just 3 points. In 450 4T class, a double victory of Oldrati, as for Martini too in 300 2T class. In 250 4T class two fourth places for Bernardini. In Junior class, one sixth and one fifth place for Morettini. In Youth class, one fourth and one fifth for Pasinetti.

Now riders get ready for the last two meetings of the season: Portugal GP, planned on 9-10th of October in Santiago do Cacem and France GP on 16-17th of October in Langeac.

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