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26. April 2021

David Alonso amazing third place in Fim CEV Moto3

2021 Cev01 Estoril Alonso

The weekend just ended, it was plenty of debuts for young Airohriders involved in on road racing.

On Sunday David Alonso celebrated his 15th birthday on truck, he was engaged on the hard truck of Estoril for his first race on the Fim CEV, Moto 3 the Junior World Championship, the gateway to the MotoGP, while Edoardo Boggio, always on the same track, raced for the first time in the ETC, the European Talent Cup; ten years just turned last March 31 instead for Edoardo Savino who, at the opening round of Civ Junior at Magione, debuted on MiniGp class.

None of them, obviously were neophytes of the races on track, instead of their respective track record, they have already on show beautiful national titles and others.

Back to the weekend news, Alonso, the reigning ETC champion and winner of the first round of the Redbull Rookies Cup KTM, reached the podium after the Moto3 race where he was the protagonist of a good comeback. The Colombian rider has reached the leading group and then he fought for the podium in the sprint. More bad luck for Boggio after the 13 positions on race1, on race2, when he was in the first group and he was hit by another rider and was fall out, fortunately without any consequences.

"I didn’t expect to get on the podium in my first Moto3 race - Davide Alonso said - We knew that it was not easy and with the weather not at all went well, but we were able to solve the problem in the warm-up. Lap after lap, with good peace, I was able to reduce the gap from the leading group until I reached it so I finished third. I suffered a lot, in the last race-section I was very tired and with worm tires but now I am very satisfied".

"The first race was so beautiful - Edoardo Boggio talking about his performance in the ETC -. It was a pity for the little contact at the third corner that loses me time because I was riding at the same time as the first. In the 2 race instead, I was with the first but the other rider touched me and I fell. I am sure that we can struggle for the positions, we will try again to Valencia.

Always in Estoril, took place the debut of Mika Perez in the SST600, who, in the race2, achieved the second place.

A bad fall instead for Edoardo Savino at Magione; Edo in the qualifying session, obtained the second position, he was a victim of a bad accident that happened in the middle of race1 while battling for the first position. Hitting from another young rider at the exit of the last corner, the physical consequences concern five broken ribs but it could be more serious considering that he was also hit by those who followed him.

To him go the best wishes for a speedy recovery from the whole Airoh family!

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