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19. April 2021

Airohriders rules the first rounds of the Women’s European Cup

2021 Womencup Mugello

The opening round of the 2021 CIV was raced in the splendid Tuscan hills and on the corners of the Mugello International Circuit where there were immediately podiums and victories for Airohriders.

In the Women's European Cup, Airohgirls monopolized both podiums with Roberta Ponziani, Sara Sanchez and the defending champion Beatriz Neila on Saturday and Sanchez who has preceded by Neila and Ponziani on Sunday behind them also Sara Cabrini and Isis Carreño. In the championship, Sanchez leads the ranking with 46 points ahead of Ponziani, Neila, Cabrini and Carreño.

On Saturday, the third step of the podium was achieved by Thomas Brianti in SSP300, Manuel Gonzalez in Supersport 600 and Biagio Miceli in Moto3.

Moving to Sunday’s news, Manuel Bastianelli's third place at his debut in the National Trophy on Ducati was awesome, as was the second and third positions achieved respectively by Leonardo Carnevali and Alfonso Coppola at the end of the SSP300 race.

In a weekend full of satisfactions, we must mention also David Alonso, the defending ETC Champion with his victory in the opening round of the RedBull MotoGP Rookies Cup that took place at the same time of Portuguese GP in Portimao.

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