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26. Juli 2021

Airohriders rule EnduroGP in Sweden

2021 Endurogp04 Svezia Freeman

Just four days after Estonia GP, extraordinary AIROH’s success in the Grand Prix of Sweden, valid as fourth round of national season 2021, disputed on 22-24 July in the little town Skövde.

Five wins, five other second positions, plus five other third places. The most beautiful important placings came from the prestigious EnduroGP class with the English Brad Freeman third on Day1 and first on Day2, from the young rider from Vicenza Andrea Verona sixth on Day1 and second Day2, from the Spanish Josep Garcia on second and fourth position.

In E3 class Freeman didn’t miss a shot and hit the target in this race, raced on 80 km roadway, to repeat three times for day with three special races for lap, a sum of 18 timed races. The English won two races and strengthened even more his leadership in championship ranking. In E3 class, two fourth places for the English Daniel Mccanney.

In E2 class the Spanish Garcia, after the second position on Day1, greatly won Day2. In this class, the New Zealander Hamish Macdonald ended twice on third step of the podium, while in EnduroGP he ended seventh and sixth. Excellent race for Thomas Oldrati despite no good physical condition, due to the injury in Portugal GP. The rider of Fiamme Oro completed the race with sixth and seventh position, as he got sixteenth and eleventh place in EnduroGP. The English Steve Holcombe was unlucky. The defending champion of EnduroGP unfortunately couldn’t go beyond the ninth and eighth position when he brought the race to an end in spite of the right foot fracture he received on the previous week in Estonia GP. Holcombe, thanks to the points he conquered, is now fourth in national parade. Thirteenth and eleventh place for the English of Lunigiana Team, Alex Snow.

Very good news for AIROH in E1 class, since Verona, after third position on Day1, was amazing on Day2 and won the class through a majestic race, on a contest till the last timed test. It is enough to say the he scored five times the best time, three second and one ninth place due to a slip, out of nine special races disputed. Many congrats for the former motocross rider Samuele Bernardini. The rider of Lunigiana team got the second and third position, as in EnduroGP he ended up fifth and thirteenth. Good race for the young Belgian Antoine Magain fourth and sixth class plac, tenth and eighteenth in EnduroGP. Positive remarks for another former cross rider, the Canadian Kade Tinkler, tenth and fifth. After recovering from the clavicle injury, the French Theo Espinasse fully hit the top ten and ended ninth and eighth.

In Junior EJ1 class, finally a positive race for Manolo Morettini from Bergamo, twice fifth, and in overall classification seventh and thirteenth.

Next meeting for AIROH with Enduro will be the 95° edition of Six Days Competition, planned from August 30th to September 4th in the southern part of the province of Pavia and Alessandria, whose centre will be the touristic airport of Rivanazzano Terme (PV).

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