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9. März 2020

Airohriders claim top-four finishes at Daytona Supercross


AMA Supercross - Daytona, FL Jason Anderson holeshots the main event finishing 4th

“My weekend went alright,” Anderson said.“The heat race went well, I almost got into the lead there but I ended up finishing second. In the main, I got the holeshot and fell back to fourth but I pushed forward and almost had third. All-in-all it, was a good race for me and I just have to keep racing out there with the boys.”

RJ Hamshire finishes 4th in the 250E main event and Jalek Swoll wins the 250E LCQ finishing 9th in the main event.

“Obviously I would have liked to finish on the podium but all-in-all, I’m pretty happy with how tonight went,” Hampshire said. “While I was running third, I dabbed my leg in a corner and it gave me a stinger on my knee, which kind of caused me to mess up the rhythm a couple of laps and [Jeremy] Martin was able to get around me. With the track being as high-speed as it was, I made the decision to be smart and take fourth so I could move on to Indy and get better results.”

AMA Supercross 2020, Round 10 – Daytona International Speedway of Daytona, FL

450SX Class

4. Jason Anderson (Husqvarna)

250SX Class

4. Rj Hampshire (Husqvarna)

9. Jalek Swoll (Husqvarna)

credits: husqvarna-motorcycle.com