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9. November 2020

Airoh rules the podium of overall EnduroGP classification in Portugal GP

2020 Endurogp03 Portugal1 Garcia

The Grand Prix of Portugal, third and second to last round of 2020 edition of World EnduroGP FIM Championship, was the first of two consecutive races, organized with anti-Covid-19 normative in the little town Marco De Canaveses, in Porto district. As last week, in the concluding race of Italian Enduro Championship, also on this occasion AIROH riders celebrated a memorable day, both in the Overall Classification of EnduroGP, and in E1, E2, E3 and Junior classes.

The two stars of Beta-Factory Team, Steve Holcombe and Brad Freeman, have taken up the two first positions of EnduroGP on Saturday by ruling respectively E2 and E3 classes too. Josep Garcia of Red Bull KTM Factory Racing, twice national champion, surprises everybody and takes AIROH to the top of the podium. After the third position on Saturday in EnduroGP behind Holcombe and Freeman and following the second position in E2, the Spanish seized a sensational absolute class victory on Sunday. So, an incredible hat trick for AIROH with Garcia, Holcombe, Freeman. On Sunday Freeman won E3 class, as Holcombe ended in the second position in E2 behind Garcia.

Podiums and wins for the other AIROH riders in the different classes, too.

The big protagonist in E1 class was Thomas Oldrati (Honda-RedMoto), third on Saturday, first on Sunday and a resounding fourth place in EnduroGP. In E1 class, the young Dutch rider Antoine Magain of Sherco-CH Racing Team after the second position on Saturday, ended third on Sunday.

In E2 class, the English Daniel Mccanney (Honda-RedMoto) obtained two excellent third positions, as Matteo Cavallo (Sherco-CH Racing) fifth and sixth.

Two splendid second positions in E3 class too, for the Spanish Jaume Betriu (KTM) and the rider from Bergamo, Rudy Moroni of KTM-Farioli Team, fifth and fourth.

In Junior class, AIROH ruled with the young New Zealander Hamish Macdonald (Sherco-CH Racing) who, thanks to the two victories, staked a claim on Junior absolute title and Junior EJ2 title. Unlucky is the French Theo Espinasse (Sherco-CH Racing) who was bound to withdrawal on Saturday for a problem with the spark plug, as on Sunday he ended on second absolute position and second in EJ2.

Very good the Finn Roni Kytonen, on Saturday third in Junior overall classification and the win in Junior EJ1 class. On Sunday, after ruling all day long, a fall in the last Extreme Test deprived him of another deserved victory.

World Enduro Championship is getting ready for the fourth and last race in the season, planned for next weekend in Marco De Canaveses too.

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