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30. September 2019

Airoh Helmet conquers the World Title EnduroGP in E3 class and Youth class


In the last round of World EnduroGP Championship, disputed in Ambert, France, AIROH HELMET celebrated the end of season 2019 through the conquest of two national titles.Steve Holcombe (Beta) graduated World Champion in this class (2016, 2018, 2019) for the third time, by winning on Saturday in E3 class, and signing the fifth national title in a row with AIROH HELMET, thanks to the win of two World EnduroGP Championships (2017, 2018).In Youth Class, the young New Zealander Hamish MacDonald (Sherco) brought AIROH HELMET on top of the podium, the winner of the national title of “Under 21” riders, on 2T bikes saddles.Numbers confirm the extraordinary qualities of Steve Holcombe and his Beta RR 2T 300 bike. In fact, Holcombe has won eleven races out of fourteen race days, on the seven Grand Prix disputed, and ended the remaining three on second position.More, Holcombe has ended on second position in the absolute EnduroGP classification by fighting till the last race for victory. Unfortunately the physical problems he had during the season, due to the infection of virus Epstein-Barr, lied heavy on his score.Second and third place on the championship podium in E1 class with Thomas Oldrati (Honda-RedMoto) and Matteo Cavallo (Sherco), as Davide Guarneri (Honda Red-Moto) has ended the race on the fourth class position. In Ambert, Oldrati got third and fourth place, Cavallo the fourth and the second, Guarneri the sixth and the third.In E2, third final position in championship for Christophe Charlier (Honda-RedMoto) who got the eighth and the sixth position in Ambert while fighting with another great rider of AIROH HELMET, Antoine Meo (Honda Red-Moto) seventh on Saturday. Fourth final position in E2 class championship for the Chilean Benjamin Herrera (Beta), who ended sixth and fifth in France.About Junior class, the French Theo Espinasse (Sherco) got the second final position in the absolute Junior classification and in EJ1 class.

Next agonistic meeting for AIROH HELMET is the last race of Italian Absolute Championship in Gaggio Montano (BO) on the weekend of 5/6 of October.